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U.S. embassy in Baghdad: A city within a city
22/05/2007 12:00:00 ? GMT



The compound, about the size of the Vatican, is the biggest U.S. embassy on earth.


By Amina Anderson

Since the fall of Baghdad in 2003, about 1,000 U.S. diplomatic and military staff have been using one of Saddam Hussein’s former palaces as a make-shift embassy, a move that raised concerns that the Americans merely replaced Saddam's authoritarian rule with their own.

The United States then announced plans to build a new embassy in Baghdad, claiming that the compound, in the Green Zone, would illustrate President Bush’s intentions to expand “democracy” through the Middle East.

The new embassy is one of the few major projects the Bush administration has undertaken in Iraq that is on schedule and within budget. But the entire project came under attack when new details emerged of its cost and scale.

The compound will cost $592m and will cover 104 acres of land, about the size of the Vatican, making it the biggest and most expensive U.S. embassy on earth. It will include 27 separate buildings and house about 615 Americans behind bomb-proof walls. The U.S. ambassador will live in a high-security home on the compound reported to fill 16,000 square feet. His deputy will live in a more modest 9,500 sq ft. They will have a pool, gym and communal living areas, and the embassy will have its own power and water supplies.

But Iraqi and U.S. critics say the project was flawed from the start, raising concerns that it will become a heavily targeted area that will be a great liability if the Americans scale back their presence in Iraq.

"What you have is a situation in which they are building an embassy without really thinking about what its functions are," Edward Peck, a former American diplomat in Iraq, told AP. "What kind of embassy is it when everybody lives inside and it's blast-proof, and people are running around with helmets and crouching behind sandbags?"

Joost Hildermann, an Iraq analyst with the International Crisis Group, also said that the new embassy “sends a really poor signal to Iraqis that the Americans are building such a huge compound in Baghdad. It does very little to assuage Iraqis who are angry that America is running the country, and not very well at that."

Despite the huge size of the new compound, there have been suggestions that it won’t be large enough to accommodate hundreds of U.S. diplomats and military personnel likely to remain in Iraq for some time. Dozens of U.S. officials currently live in trailers which could be an easy target for bombs. According to a report by McClatchy News, staff members have complained about the dangers, but they were told they should wait until the new embassy is ready to take them in.

The Bush administration argues that the need to secure the new embassy is a top priority. The Green Zone, the fortified area that houses Iraqi government offices and foreign embassies, used to be relatively secure. But in recent months, the zone has come under almost daily rocket and mortar attacks. This month, the U.S. embassy ordered its staff to wear flak jackets and helmets at all times when in the open after four foreign contractors were killed by a rocket landing beside the present embassy.

In a sign of further unrest, rebels started attacking the multiple cranes surrounding the construction site of the new embassy. Last week, five contractors were injured in a rocket assault.

Despite the growing pressure, the Bush administration insists that the embassy will open in September, and be fully operational by the end of the year.

But many analysts warn that such a move further raises Iraqi fears that the U.S. is there to stay. Toby Dodge, an expert on Iraq at Queen Mary, University of London, has just come back from a month spent in Iraq, largely in the Green Zone. He believes the Americans will not leave Iraq until the end of the next presidency at the earliest, and so he warns that the new embassy will serve its purpose for several years to come.

"A fortress-style embassy, with a huge staff, will remain in Baghdad until helicopters come to airlift the last man and woman from the roof," he said, adding his own advice to the architects of the building: "Include a large roof."

I just don't understand the decisions my nation is making. I look at them doing things like this and I ask myself, "Are they even thinking about what they are doing?". Spending that much money to build such a compound in a city that is in such need of help is dishonorable.
Good Comment  (Click to Rate)IP Address:                          Blayze from USA
This houses all the criminal elements of the US and the traitors who sold Iraq for nothing but their dirty souls. God bless all the decent souls.
Good Comment  (Click to Rate)IP Address:                          Abid from UK
This shows up the lie that Saddam hussein was living in opulence and luxury to the detriment of the Iraqi people. These Americans will be doing it, while the Iraqis have no water, electricity, and live in poverty. Look at this in a rational way. If Iraq was just desert and there was no money to be made the Americans wouldn't have invaded in the first place. The USA has set - up a disfunctional army and government in this area TO SERVE US INTERESTS, nothing more nothing less. This is a disgrace, and is the unacceptable face of capitalish ( although when was rampant capitalism ever acceptable? ). The world should now see that the Iraqi people are being robbed, murdered and exploited for one thing - their wealth. The USA will never leave - unless the insurgence makes them leave, which they will definitely do. They're halfway there and should keep going. US and UK go home! Iraq was taken under force of arms, free it with force of arms! Go insurgents - teach them how to fight.
Good Comment  (Click to Rate)IP Address:                            P. Feenan, from Ireland
For those of us who can recall watching the 1975 evacuation of the U.S. embassy in Saigon, I hope the architect includes a gas pump for the helicopters. I think this building will set the record for the most expensive practice target for insurgents ever built! Time to call the Guinness book of records..we have a winner...peace to all.
Good Comment  (Click to Rate)IP Address:                          Marcus from Canada
I do believe more then 50% american are now is dreaming during daylight sleep. Come on boys wake up. You will be experiencing nightmare dreaming as you experienced in Vietnam and Kossovo/Bosnia if you let another cowboy joker lead your country.
Good Comment  (Click to Rate)IP Address:                          Steve from Malaysia
Just posting comments is of no use. All Muslims should join up for the great against the Dajjal which is America.
Excellent Comment  (Click to Rate)IP Address:                           awabnavi from Myanmar
Don't let your irrational fear of America cloud the facts. Vietnam is now a prosperous semi-capitalists country which is at peace with America thanks to our efforts in the 60's and 70's. Kosovo/Bosnia was a humanitarian effort by the US and the Coalition which saved the lives of countless muslims from ethnic cleansing by some crazy semi-christian nationalists. I guess it doesn't count if America does good though. It goes down in history as a failure. Were the muslims that fought along side us traitors for saving fellow muslims from genocide? You all are too much!! God bless you and may he shine the light of truth in your hearts.
Very Bad Comment  (Click to Rate)IP Address:                          Commrade Dave from US
The embassy will symbolize nothing else than victory. And it si not any victory. It is the victory of re-istalling slavery in US Colonies. Meanwhile teh Iraqis are fighting each other. Haven't they understood that if the Sunni could co-operate with other Iraqi groups they would be able to drive US forces out of their nation. I hope when someone says Iraq, all Americans will think about Failure, Dictatorship, Lost war, dead Americans, lots and lots of our money lost. When this war hopefully ends in some days. All Americans will see how they failed their.... Lets say 10th war in less than 70 years.
Standard Comment  (Click to Rate)IP Address:                          Arian from Iran
A city within a city only belong to a coward, in this instance US is very simillar to Israel for what they did with the Palestine's land. Bush admin is spending the US tax payers monies for their own greed on oil. This building will function as to safeguard their interest as looters. What a shame.
Excellent Comment  (Click to Rate)IP Address:                           The Observer from Malaysia
Americans and their wicked media perception is that they could be able to manipulate the Iraq and make them the same as other Arabs puppets like Kuwait, Jordan, Egypt, Sadie’s and the rest puppet but they are fool, they never be able to capture Iraqi’s mind and heart with their weapon and their fool mentality. They don’t realize that no matter how much they spend and no matter how large and how fancy they make their embassy if they don’t have good policy is not worth any thing.
Good Comment  (Click to Rate)IP Address:                            AB from IRAN
I believe that in the end it will all result in thousands of deaths. The US and its allies will, like always, try to get as much as possible, and then be defeated. To me the US government knows what it will be the end, lots of american’s deaths, but till then, they will take as much as they can in order to extend their power, extend their ignorance, increase the number of soldiers died in fight, try to gain control, profit the military sector in US, and so on....The worse of all is that US knows they will loose, but they will continue this stupid game, loosing people for both sides, just to FIGHT, GET POWER AND MONEY. The US don’t care about Africans dying of Aids, they just go to fight where they can profit, make money, kill innocent people, destroy homes, disgrace others people lives. If I were an American I would be very ashamed of myself. Everybody who understands a little bit about CROWDS MOVEMENTS, crowd power, knows that when the crowd wants, and have a good lider, they can win
Good Comment  (Click to Rate)IP Address:                          Marcelo from BRAZIL
Perhaps Iraqiis should stand up and unite and stop killing eachother. Everytime anything nice is built they go and blow it up. The condition of Iraq would improve a lot and less people would die. Makes too much sense though I guess.
Very Bad Comment  (Click to Rate)IP Address:                          Alex from USA
Americans need to view, visual of how taxpayers money is squandered what Iraqis and Americans have died for waste destruction so a few can live well. Strike against war, for without you no battles can be fought! Strike against manufacturing shrapnel and gas bombs and all other tools of murder! Strike against preparedness that means death and misery to millions of human beings! Be not dumb, obedient slaves in an army of destruction! Be heroes in an army of construction! Helen Keller
Excellent Comment  (Click to Rate)IP Address:                          cj from usa
The U.S has robbed iraq of its life, wealth, pride and education. They have robbed them of their time by occupying them in a war. The U.S has divided the nation into sects. Now they are establishing themselves as the iraqi rulers with these selfish walls of the embassy. They are now showing off in the face of those they have destroyed. BUT BE SURE, THIS WAR WILL WORK TO ACCELERATE THE DOWN FALL OF AMERICAN IMPERIALISM. INSHALLAH.
Excellent Comment  (Click to Rate)IP Address:                            Isaac from U.K
"Major projects serving Iraqis outside the Green Zone including health clinics, water treatment facilities and electrical plants have had to be scaled back or in some cases eliminated because the rising costs of securing worksites and workers". "Contractors and Army Corps of Engineers officials are being shot at or threatened every day". "At least 467 contractors in Iraq have been killed". "Twenty five percent of nearly $21 billion for Iraq reconstruction has been diverted to pay for security which is the number one factor that impedes progress". SOURCE USA TODAY, one of the most reputable Newspapers in the world.
Very Bad Comment  (Click to Rate)IP Address:                           L Ramos from U.S.A.
What would compare the brutality of Saddam to the US? The Iraqis have shown their inability to accept each other as well as a reasonable secular government based on equality and freedom. The ignorance of the average Iraqi citizen has been preyed upon by the Imams like Al-Sadr who serve only their own ego and greed for power. If Al-Sadr is a man of God, I'll eat my hat. Our only hope is that like Turkey, the secularist can stop the Islamist and acheive a modern, open society which the Islamists are desparate to stop. If and when the Americans leave Iraq, we pray to God that the Rule of Law shall prevail and that the day of medieval theocracy is over. Iraqis would do well to fight for this opportunity to take their rightful place in the free world.
Very Bad Comment  (Click to Rate)IP Address:                           Ken Finley from California, USA
Excellent Comment  (Click to Rate)IP Address:                            sapperinthewire from france
Feenan Keep Dreaming Kid. Looks like by you last post you just dont seem to see the light. Your Romantic ideas of revolution are the stuff of kids dreams. when are you going to wake up to reality and see things for what they are. The world will get Iraq back on track, and it will happen without your help. In the End you will have done nothign which is usally what people like you do. You marginalize yourself by your words. And Nobody in the real world wants to be around somebody like that. This is why you are so full of hate. You would like nothign more than to beat up on somebody, to make up for your own pathitic existance. Your are a loser. Have you ever talked to an iraqi, Or a moderate arab, I have, and its seems that you are going to be on the wrong side of history in the End. Iraq will be an open and prospourous place someday soon. And it will be because of Americas Contribution, Not Yours. Chew on that for a while.
Very Bad Comment  (Click to Rate)IP Address:                           The walrus from USA
the future " Lord Blair of Basra would be proud of that complex. One similar was built in Ireland. It was called Long Kesh Internment Camp/The H - Blocks. War criminals always live well to the benefit of the true people - the poor and oppressed.
Excellent Comment  (Click to Rate)IP Address:                            Irish Socialist. from Ireland
Bush is building a Pyramid for his administration in Middle East. He looking forward to put his name in history as the President of USA that brought Muslim Middle East to its knees. What he do not know is his administration just like the Pharoah will fall. Humiliation and Despair awaits him and his administration.
Good Comment  (Click to Rate)IP Address:                           Muhammad Yazid from Singapore
I read this and it struck me that, though no one may like being occupied by the US, the alternative isn't attractive either. Harith al-Dari, Iraq's most influential Sunni cleric and a vocal critic of the U.S., said al-Qaeda has "gone too far." He rejects al-Qaeda's vision of a fundamentalist state, saying, "Iraqis will not accept such a system." At the same time, he said, "Sunnis don't know who to believe or trust. They reject al-Qaeda's idea of the so-called Islamic state, but they don't feel protected by the government or the Americans either." Seems that the Iraqis don't want a fundamentalist state. Seems they don't care for a taliban style government. Can't blame them a bit for that.
Very Bad Comment  (Click to Rate)IP Address:                            Lamar from USA
Authoritarianism is for those who refuse to get along, but that doesn't make it right.
Very Bad Comment  (Click to Rate)IP Address:                          roy from racial babylon
Authoritarianism is for those who refuse to get along, but that doesn't make it right or wrong.
Very Bad Comment  (Click to Rate)IP Address:                          roy from racial babylon
Walrus from the USA, where were you? So you were in Iraq then were you, talking to " moderate Iraqis. " are you a Walter Mitty type character or Hiram Holiday, who lives to " chew on " fantasies? There's no moderate Iraqis any more, your soldiers have murdered them all, and have sent two million refugees out of that country in poverty. No matter how much I hate your point of view, I will listen to you without insulting you. Can you claim the same? Now go and chew on that, or are you one of these fascist types who won't let anybody have a legitimate point of view? And it's good to see you using your proper name this time instead of some other stupid nom - de - plume.
Excellent Comment  (Click to Rate)IP Address:                            P. Feenan, from Ireland
I find it amazing that this regime could sell this and get away with it and the so-called democrats would not oppose it. What a horrible and unjust waste. Obviously the American people are as blind and ignorant as its so-called leaders.
Excellent Comment  (Click to Rate)IP Address:                             bubba from usa
its obvious to everyone that whats happening is clear theft and murder on a grand scale,i do not doubt that we muslims will get our revenge and country back from these international zionists slaves.they break every law on human principles and international basis then they want to tell the world that its justice.someday we muslims will give you that justice you speak about according to Allahs law. there are good men and women out there from all communitys,why are we powerless and voiceless?? against all this nonsense from these evil people? lets wait and see how many will die and until sense prevails amongst nations, instead of war perpetrated by the zionist jews in power all over the world.
Good Comment  (Click to Rate)IP Address:                              m.arshad from england
Feenan we will see if I am alowed to respond, most of the time i am blocked and you are left to think I am not responding. For starters, dont take that High ground with me, I see you bashing people left and right, Throwing insults all the time so dont give me any holyier than thou garbage. Second, There are moderates in iraq, saying so is naive, go to any number of ME websites and check other chat forums yourself, youl find them if you have the Guts, Gulf news, Al arahm, ME News, Kuwaitit News are just some for starters. As for Nom De Plumes you seem to know all about them dont you Irishman, Che, Or who ever you have concocted, and dont use you Socialist lies to decive, just admit it dude, Nobody cares, what you do. As for truth, its a word you dont understand. You have your point of view and you are sticking to it, your just as bad as the monsters you make others to be. When you can admit that, then we will be on some kind of comon ground, Until your just a puppet on a string.
Very Bad Comment  (Click to Rate)IP Address:                           The walrus from USA
Feenan your comments are factious and a bite irrelevant, but always funny. Iraqis are returning by the thousands not leaving? Some displacement of people is accruing in the scattered areas where secular violence by Saddams loyalist or Bin Laden faithful is a thousand times more brutal than Abu Grab. Or in some areas where Shiia reprisals have returned the brutality in kind. The embassy is a symbol of America’s commitment to freedom not only in Iraq but world wide. What ever delusional spin, Marxists, anarchists, and anti Semites try and sell proof is in the pudding. Iraq will be free democratic and the most prosperous nation in the ME. If the embassy is troubling wait till the forward navel air and army bases that ought to send elitist, self absorbed, sudo intellectual, euro trash right off the deep end.
Bad Comment  (Click to Rate)IP Address:                             Gary from USA
L. Ramos from the USA, your theory just doesn't wash. I don't know if you, like Walrus, are educated or not, but there's a programme called " cause and effect, " IE, what is the cause and what effect will it have? The cause is the invasion of Iraq and the effect of it is bedlam. The USA was the cause of Iraq's troubles and the effect is the Iraqi insurgency. It doesn't matter how much the USA has spent in Iraq, but how much they're taking out of it. The simple fact of the matter is - THEY SHOULDN'T BE THERE AT ALL.
Excellent Comment  (Click to Rate)IP Address:                            P. Feenan, from Ireland
I would like to apologize for my stupid country. I am ashamed to say I live in the USA. This anti-Christ that claims to be our president stole the presidency by rigging the voting machines so he would win no matter what. All he wants is Iraq's oil, and could give a rats you know what about the thousands of people he murders - both Iraqi and American - as long as he gets his oil and money. If only our government would listen to the people and get this war criminal/murderer out of office, before more innocent people are killed.
Good Comment  (Click to Rate)IP Address:                           Am from USA
It is sad to see americn are doing wrong things in the world.all iraqi should join hands to ask americn army to leave,kurds and isreal helped american army to enter in iraq.sadam tried his best to stop americn army to enter in one helped sadam.he had to fight with whole american army alone.kwait,shia, kurds should ask americn army to leave iraq.american army killed sadam same way british army killed the last king of india.british put the king in jail. their he died.british took away all his things and his crown.sad.british helped jews to enter in palistain.some one helped indian army to enter in kashmair. palistanian and kashmairi are suffering since 60 one is helping palistanian and kashmaire to get their land back from jews people.lebanese army was not fighting when jews were destroying labanon now they are fight for what. it is sad to see lebanies army fight now and not fighting when they were supose to fight with jews to protect lebanon.jews destroyed all
Good Comment  (Click to Rate)IP Address:                           sherry from worldwide
we need to make sure the oil flows smoothly. why should iraqis need water, electricity, and food. this war is not about the iraqis, it just so happens their land sits top the US oil. Listen the US has been hijacked and there is nothing the people can about it without changing our day to day lives, that would just be obscene.
Very Bad Comment  (Click to Rate)IP Address:                            Jahid from us
p feenan, you do in fact have this picture perfect little communist eutopia brewing in your head don't you, masking it by the name, socialism. Do you have a job, your comments are on here non-stop, get a life, and go get some exercise. Theres a reason why the worlds wealthiest nations have free trade and capatalism not socialism smart guy, look where that got France. nowhere so a conservative was elected as president, wake up irishman and diversify some of your media choices, but this will certainly be censored so why am i bothering.
Very Bad Comment  (Click to Rate)IP Address:                           college educated from usa
what the Americans doing is no thing in means of history , History will judge these actions as sin done by american nation, we are used to believe in America as a symbol of freedon human dignity etc,but nowadays we are sure that America is against peace against humanity and more over, a barbarian nation they proved that and more worse in Iraq, Afghanistan and every where.
Good Comment  (Click to Rate)IP Address:                          Rammy from Qatar
Its a big joke ,these in Ireland ,english men always made jokes about irish people because they were stong and never lied but because english were good at chattering they made fools of Irish plus english are clever at the art of lying and deceiving and coming out of chaos they create as they always had powerful lying but convincing mouth piece now same old tactic in Iraq it shows these buckingham palace people are diigging in permanently while stupid people in ME have not united yet so now Iraqis are for coaster ride.
Good Comment  (Click to Rate)IP Address:                          proffesseur uni from Tanzania
Some of the comment above made by some US citizens are ranked by the readers as "very bad comments". This shows and proves that a big part of US, like their president are still trying to put before the world the funny logic of necessity of the US presence in IRAQ. Like they did when they invaded IRAQ!! Where can't we ask the US nation about the Chemical Weapons in IRAQ?
Excellent Comment  (Click to Rate)IP Address:                         russel from Bangladesh
Even without the embassy, is there ANY doubt the US vampires are running Irak? Any doubt the vampires are doing the same in Afganistan and making milions with the drug trafic into the US and rest of the world?
Good Comment  (Click to Rate)IP Address:                              Patriot from America
It is evident that the American occupation is all out for their own interest. It might be that they are trying to set up a longtime base to oversee the milking out of iraqi oil and the impeding war with iran. God save Iradi people.
Good Comment  (Click to Rate)IP Address:                           Krop from Africa
mr pat feenans country is also a victim of these same form of murderers , truth and historical background seems to hurt these critics of his.when has ANY EUROPEAN NATION GONE ANYWAY IN THE WORLD AND NOT FOLLOWED A POLICY OF GENOCIDE AGAINST THE LOCAL PEOPLE? if ever there was crown of gold to be given to liars,deceitful people it would be europeans as a whole!! the prophet mohammed said that a people would come to oppress his followers from the west until later they yoke will be thrown off, the power of the europeans will be broken around the world and the world will get the much needed peace it deserves THROUGH MUSLIM EFFORT NOT JUDEO-CHRISTIANS. peace to all good people standing up for whats right,liars you will get what you deserve some day,inshallah,only the devil is your leader,as you deceive he deceivesyou!!!
Good Comment  (Click to Rate)IP Address:                              m.arshad from england
I would like to extend my condolences to all persons of the middle east whom my government has harmed. In empathy I've started personally boycotting warmongers such as right-wing media and defense contractors. I also write letters to news organizations who portray Arabs and Persians in a negative bias to complain about possible racism and/or religious intollerance. I think U.S. politicians should be forced not to take bribes (in the form of campain contributions) from Israel and other governments. They are so bought off it makes me sick. The Muslims should represent themselves better in American media also. Many of my friends have been brainwashed into thinking all Arabs are the enemy. Much should be done to counter this. Peace will be illusive if hate becomes too deeply ingrained in American thought.
Good Comment  (Click to Rate)IP Address:                           schnizzlfritz from u.s.
Why bother constructing a gigantic embassy when the US is under severe pressure from the insurgents who are getting better and better by the day with superior weapons and tactics? Its only a deluded capitalist usurper with vague ambitions of economic success that embarks on such a costly venture that will eventually back fire on his buns.All that will be smashed to pieces or occupied by the liberators once the illegal occupiers are eventually cast out like the demons they are. peace to all peace lovers.
Good Comment  (Click to Rate)IP Address:                           ray from horizon
Alex for USA, got a question for you, how much do roaches like you get paid to post filth here? I am sure s like you will do it for a dime a post. You can post all you want but America has put the rope around its neck already. Happy riddance
Excellent Comment  (Click to Rate)IP Address:                          Afshin from Iran
I guess we in the U.S. only look at what our media shows us. We live in the same world as Iraq lived in Saddams regime hence I am not ashamed at most americans talking trash as we are ignorant . If walrus goes to Iraq and compares the situation in and post Saddam there is a vast difference in security measures and who is sponsoring these insurgent attacks.For the american propagandists its easier to blame Iran then themselves . But with this new embassy we know the best way for the americans to get out of the mess has always been to lie and blame others. I pity our countrymen for the poor show and am ashamed we are losers in Iraq lets get outta there.
Good Comment  (Click to Rate)IP Address:                         KEVIN from USA
Hi commrade Dave,do you know why vietnam & China is doing good?because they kicked out US from their counties & same will happen in ME but big problam is Israel?how they will take back most jews.EED.PARIS
Good Comment  (Click to Rate)IP Address:                            EED from FRANCE
As an observer to the priorities of the Bush administration's efforts in Iraq, it would seem that they set out to create bedlam and they suceeded. This now gives them a reason to tell the world that Iraq is not safe to leave; because of the deteriorating security situation and that if they leave, it will only get worse for the Iraqis. If they were so concerned for the Iraqis, why can't they secure their hospitals, so that doctors and other medical staff can help the victims of the violence from all sides and not have to worry about their own safety as well? And the total lack of money to keep the hospitals running. Nearly 600 million for an embassy; one can assume that they are going to be there for a long time to come.(until they pump Iraq dry.) Can Americans really be so stupid to believe that this is a just war? Do they really think the misery they have caused the Iraqi people is worth it for the 'BLACK GOLD'? America seems to have brought back slavery for the Iraqis not freedom!!
Good Comment  (Click to Rate)IP Address:                           Guillermo from Ireland
If you are an American citizen and you want to know what is going on in the US and around the world, you should completely stop getting your information from any news agency located in the USA. When I read comments written by Americans, I can easily tell because of their shallow knowledge of what is happening in the US and elsewhere. The US media has made the Americans to be the most arrogant and misinformed people in the entire world. If you do not believe me, just take your time and read some of their comments in this magazine. If they were an informed people, they would have forced their Congress to stop funding the Iraqi war and their soldiers would have returned back to the states. Secondly, they (americans) would have stopped their leader from importing an Euro-centered political ideology called "democracy." How arrogant can you force an ideology which has failed to be objective and representative even in the US. If "democracy" worked. Al Gore would be in the white house now.
Good Comment  (Click to Rate)IP Address:                            Emoni Indavu from Tanzania
It makes my blood boil to see these ruthless, lying oppressors, war criminals building another wall in foreign land. Dishonest ones are too afraid of everybody because they know they are guilty and they will be hunted down. Even innocent and good Americans are going to be afraid thanks to their wicked leaders who do not really care about ordinary Americans any way. All I wish is that people all around the world would unite in condemning evil ones. Do not give them support they desperately seek by lying, cheating and deceiving. Stand up against this plague which is the cancer to this world existence. Stand up against those who produce misery to others and steal the wealth from others. Do not let them prosper. Hope God will soon intervene and correct injustice of current time. Oppose theft of Iraq’s oil by joining us in sending petition to Iraqi’s Parliament where there are number of honest men who resist Bush’s push for the oil law which will allow Bush and his band of thieves to take Iraqis oil. Do not give up your right, honest parliamentarians let no bully force you into any decision which will allow thieves to take advantage of having bigger guns by which they want to take what God has give to you, Iraqi people. ://
Good Comment  (Click to Rate)IP Address:                           Jaroslav from Australia
P. Feenan, Ignore Walrus-USA, typical of Americanism. When you have nothing of value to offer, you always revert to ignorance and insults. This has been the American motto for years. Read about the general IQ of everyday american! could'nt tell where a country is located. That includes the famous GWBush.. As for the Green-Zone in Baghdad, well that is no problem for the freedom fighters. easier to penetrate by their short-range guided missiles. It happened in the past with Iran, and will happen again in Iraq. The US invested large amounts of taxpayer's money to build a defence system against the USSR when the puppet Shah was their man, to have to abandon it within days, destroying years of work. The same will happen in Baghdad. Already plans are being drawn by several factions, and will no doubt be implemented soon. For your information, AMERICANS NEVER contributed to anything for nothing. They have taken all what is there to take whilst the opportunity lets them.
Excellent Comment  (Click to Rate)IP Address:                            BIBA from Spain.
Walrus from the USA, you're a disgrace. You're letting down the good USA people who're contributing to this with common sense viewpoints. This people, compared to you, ARE THE REAL AMERICANS, not fascist dirt like you, and while we have to tolerate your racist ravings we can see that you belong to some redneck, Ku Klux Klan type organisation, and all you have missing is a hangman's noose. You have nothing constructive to write about any issue, and you're stooping to personal insults against anybody who doesn't agree with you, although, in your empty headedness, you don't appear to have a viewpoint ABOUT ANYTHING. You're a wandering disaster, moving from site to site and not giving any rational viewpoint only naziism. Now go and read MEIN KAEMP. but you probably get your ideas from there already - and you a Zionist and an excuser for genocide. Oh, the embassy in question - it shouldn't be there. Full stop.
Excellent Comment  (Click to Rate)IP Address:                            P. Feenan, from Ireland
Excellent Comment  (Click to Rate)IP Address:                           canadian woman from canada
Vietnam isn't prospering because of Communism. Vietnam is prospering because they were curious about free markets in the 80's and 90's and intellectually decided that pure communism isn;t enough. Just as China has rejected pure communism. One would wonder what both countries would be today if it weren't for the example of American inginuity and openness to alternative ideas. Just as the middle east will one day. Educate yourselves. God bless
Very Bad Comment  (Click to Rate)IP Address:                          Commrade Dave from US
College Educated from the USA, what kind of education get you get? Only primary school? Others on this site have wrote things exactly as i've written them, but I guess you and others are just racist anti - Irish and anti - arab. Simple really. You never criticise some of your ( brilliant ) fellow countrymen on these sites and they write exactly against what you stand for. I suppose the easy way out for you and others is racism, insults, and you are smarting because my postings ARE HITTING HOME, otherwise, you would completely ignore me. But I'm glad I'm hitting a raw, war criminal nerve on both you and that fool Walrus. And if you're college educated, why can you not spell properly. Doesn't say much, when looking at your postings, for the USA education system, does it? And I thought all you CIA men were well educated. shows how wrong people can be.
Excellent Comment  (Click to Rate)IP Address:                            P. Feenan, from Ireland
wow Feeny-- I think you went a little heavy on the hyperbole in the last post. I didn't see anything that walrus said that was racist, KKK-oriented, or had anything to do with Mein Kampf. I think its fair to say that once again you have been exposed, as skirting the issues being discussed and engaging in (hilariously bad) personal attacks that do nothing but reinforce everyone's low opinion of you. cheers.
Very Bad Comment  (Click to Rate)IP Address:                          mike from US
Gary from the USA, catch yourself on. thousands of Iraqis are returning to their destroyed country? What is there to return to that the Americand haven't already destroyed? Are you sure you're not Bill O' Reilly and don't work for Fox News. Yanks sure are gullible when you can't find out issues for yourselves. You can lead a horse to the river, but you can't make it drink - but anybody can lead you and Walrus anywhere. Little children who know nothing of real life
Excellent Comment  (Click to Rate)IP Address:                            P. Feenan, from Ireland
Fennan, blah blah blah, its always the same, your like a broken record, were all fascits and racists with you. Its like your fall back postion, we see it all the time, Or were Nazis, and KKK'ers. Get somthing more original, you Byzantinist, You anti Ottoman, Vegitarian. Oh and it sounds like your describing yourself, Not me Dude. I dont worry about trying to reach you, My only care is to get in your face and keep up the Heat. Bugging you is better than Hot Coco on a winter day. Biba from Spain, Feenan couldnt ignore me if he tried, Narcisitc Egotists very rarely can. But Keep up the Comments, We the defenders of truth need fools like you to keep us from getting bored. Now go and pretend to help others by doing nothing some more.
Very Bad Comment  (Click to Rate)IP Address:                           The walrus from USA
Excellent Comment  (Click to Rate)IP Address:                             Nada from ENOUGH GAMES.
Walrus from the Usa, go on. You're starting to go over the top and I'm just loving it, you excuse for a rational being. The only " blah, blah blah, " on these sites is coming from you and you're still devoid of reason and sense after reading your last posting. What was it about? Still nothing constructive to offer your great fellow countrymen on this segment. And what's with all the VERY BAD COMMENTS ratings? Doesn't ANYBODY agree wit what you say? Biba from Spain, thank you, but I can handle these American MALCONTENTS. Then mad Mike from The USA butted in, and supported his fellow Nazi. Mike's another one who doesn't know what day it is, and he just writes because he's nothing constructive to do in his home town, and why should he bother to write, I haven't sen an EXCELLENT rating for him yet. He must have been dunce, like Walrus, at school, if these Laurel and Hardys ever went to school. The Us embassy in Baghdad? No planning permission. Demolish it.
Good Comment  (Click to Rate)IP Address:                            P. Feenan, from Ireland
Fennan Iraq’s economy is in fact better than it was in the best days of Saddam; far from destroyed Iraq is making a miraculous economic recovery. Don’t be fooled by the propaganda you see on euro anti American socialist the damage is very isolated. I've been their twice and the transformation is remarkable. Violence continues this is indeed a fact, but it is not representative of the vast majority of Iraq. And it is only made marginally more significant by its shear indiscriminant brutality. Seven million Iraq’s voted for this government under threats of death. They want this government to work and foreign fighters out including Americans. So what’s your beef an Army of liberation who foolishly was unprepared for reconstruction, but not irresponsible enough to with draw in the face of civil war, fascist holy warriors from the hills, or historically inept euro brats with an inferiority complex? Nothing in my 35 years of world travel and civil service is this simply and undeniably clear.
Very Bad Comment  (Click to Rate)IP Address:                             Gary from USA
Good Comment  (Click to Rate)IP Address:                            AM from USA
It is not the new US Embassy - it is the the new US Oil Ministry in Iraq.
Good Comment  (Click to Rate)IP Address:                          Ric from South Africa
Gary from USA, propaganda from Anti - American socialistd in Europe? Get A grip man. I watch mostly American news programmes like CNN, and even they show the horrors that go on daily on the ME. Anderson Three sixty is a programme in point where EVERYSIDE have a say. Why do you get the impression that people are " anti - American? " They're not, only anti the present fascist administration and Bush. I love American music like Elvis, Roy Orbison, etc, because they weren't war criminals like your present administration. Even the great Muhammad Ali lost his boxing title and was imprisoned because he wouldn't fight in Vietnam. No Gary, let's give credit where credit is due, to the ordinary US people who abhor war, and not to the present US administration led by neo cons and fascist exploiters. And Steven Spielberg is my favourite film producer/director and he's Jewish. It's just the fascism and murder from your fascists that I hate, Gary, nothing more nothing less.
Excellent Comment  (Click to Rate)IP Address:                            P. Feenan, from Ireland
What is to prevent the Iraqi government from eventually ousting the U.S. from this site? Perhaps they will give it to Iran for their embassy! Just how sustainable is any of this? No one in our government seems to ask this question.
 (Click to Rate)IP Address:                           Rusty from USA
Feeny- saying get a grip does not constitute a rebuttal. Regardless of your opinions of Elvis and Roy Orbison, Gary brought up a number of points you failed to deal with. Namely, (1) the violence in Iraq is not countrywide, (meaning that improvements and development are happening in secure areas), (2) that Iraqis want ALL FOREIGN FIGHTERS out of the country, not just US troops (this was also highlighted in a recent Time magazine interview with Iraq's top Sunni cleric), and (3) the indiscriminant brutality of the insurgency (or "freedom fighters" as you might wish to name them). On top of these issues, I have one more I'd like to hear your opinion on: How can you express such moral outrage for the illegal and immoral actions of a small portion of the US forces, but not express similar disgust at the purposeful murder of innocent by insurgents? You will notice, I have stuck to the issues, and I would appreciate to hear your response to these issues.
Very Bad Comment  (Click to Rate)IP Address:                          mike from US
Feenan. You have, as have many misread the motivations and the cause for this conflict. The Bush administration saw, Hussein as a tremendous destabilizing factor. Nuclear proliferation between Iraq and Iran seemed for gone conclusion. Instead of 1950's style armies butchering one another nuclear dust storms loomed on the horizon. As the nal of democracy America carries the mantel of global strategic intervention. This conflict is an attempt to fill a post cold war power vacuum and end western hypocrisy of supporting a dictatorship as counterbalance to the Iranian revolution. Before the void left by the collapse of the soviet unions is filled by a regional nuclear arms race. Analysis like neo con, colonial expansion, fascism, capitalist exploitation, divide and conquer, Zionist conspiracy, religious crusade are intellectually weak completely unsupported by the facts, and indicate a profound ignorance of the 21st century geo politic.
Very Bad Comment  (Click to Rate)IP Address:                             Gary from USA
I read this paper, the NYTimes, La Voz de Galicia, and the Economist and I have never heard such fighting among readers of an international paper. There are comments on here which support the right of the individual, and the choice for a free state is this not what the world should be about? Many people in the US believe that going to war was not the best decision but it was what needed to be done to millions of lives that would probably been killed by Sadam's regime. There are those in this country who want to leave because they do no think that the average Iraqi does not want the US in their country. We want the world to be free to choose what they want and govern to their desire but we can not allow a dictator to kill it's citizens such as in Kosovo, Samalia, the Soviet Union, Vietnam, WWII, the wars in S America...all of this sound rediciously patriotic but it is the reason that we stay in Iraq is to protect those who can not protect themselves.
Very Bad Comment  (Click to Rate)IP Address:                            News from US
This USA city in Iraq is all about corporate profits in war and oil gas in dollars. The U.S. empire has setup their business dealings in Iraq and they wil nt be leaving anytime soon. Only when the oil gas run out. Y do u think Haliborton is moving to dubai, to get close to the oil. Their nest move wil be in Iraq and they hope soon Iran. Those war ships are nt in Iran's water for nothing. These Georgecheneytony warmongulars are deemons and they are daedly greedy and w1cked. God cees all. Peace to the world.
Excellent Comment  (Click to Rate)IP Address:                          Space Peeple from Milky Way
US have shut down all consulate in Morocco after a minor blast.But huge investment in such a fortified embassy in a vulnerable city like Baghdad is very suspicious.It can now be presumed that Bush&son have attacked Iraq for adverse possession and 911 was an oragnised excuse for their military actions.Such building could be used as a control room for handling the situation of ME.Pentagon will be relieved regarding the issues of dirty CIA games for ME future.This way US's spoil son Isreal might get immediate help from his super father.Once all destroyed Alqaeda offices were run by CIA in which locals were used to end anti US activities in the region.As those had become threat for US itself so US are planning to camouflauge offices embassy to continue its undermine activities.This way all mess will remain under US umbrella.Ethnic clashes,blasts occuring on daliy basis could be an eye wash for public so that no body could judge what is actualy happening under their nose.
Good Comment  (Click to Rate)IP Address:                          Nazia from Pakistan
The bets are open, but these buildings are not U.S. yet. Once the imperialists are kicked out they will belong first and foremost to the people of Irak.
Good Comment  (Click to Rate)IP Address:                          spartacus from germany
Embassy building, diplomatic enclave etc are considered foreign soil and the local govt is not supposed to go in without permission. This is sanctioned by international treaty. So in theory if it is a US embassy compound they can do it. This is the same reason why foreign embassies are not raied or captured and diplomats baggage are not checked and are given impunity. It was violated by Iran in 1979 when they invaded the US embassy in Tehran. But in Saudi within the country there are areas where US citizens stay which are off limits even to locals and others at night! Why? I think Saudi treats various citizens in differently. So let them correct it which is shamelful where their own citizens cannot visit places in their own country. Now this is colonial rule!!!
Very Bad Comment  (Click to Rate)IP Address:                            Alexandar from The Great
News from US, You mirror my beliefs exactly. If the Left and Anti-Americans of all colors had tried peaceful methods to resolve this, the US would have been out of Iraq already. Instead of trying to kill innocents for revenge, how about rational conversation and peace by example. I support America, but I also was against the war. I even wrote the president and then secretary of state Colin Powell recommending that they try to have the Arab nations resolve the Iraqi crisis. I wish they would have listened. I honestly believe that the insurrgents want us there so they have an excuse for revenge. Violence however, only breeds more violence. Stop the cycle. Only Satan wins when humans kill eachother.
Bad Comment  (Click to Rate)IP Address:                          Commrade Dave from US
Fennan once again you are mistaken, Elivis was in the army, which by your standards was a warmonger and a killer. As for Speilberg, the man hasnt made a good movie since Saving Privat Ryan, a movie about GIs at war. Seems you really do worship War Mongering Americans. Your so backwards you dont know when to start or when to quit. God I love it. If you really want to be educated, check out Thomas Friedman, Charlie Rose, Tavis Smiley. These are americas best news sources, Or if you really want to get the best that America has to offer, The Drudge Report. This will link you to The World Wide News World. I have been looking at your Independant, Irish News, The Times, And the Liberty. SO far I have not seen anything ultra Radical so you must be getting your news from some preatty Lame Sites, Cuz dude, your Facts ARE WAY OFF. Oh what Am I saying your too busy reading and pertending to be others to go and get real news. Anderson Cooper is a Gumba. I bet you read the SWP.IE dont you Fennan
Very Bad Comment  (Click to Rate)IP Address:                         The walrus from USA
Gary from the USA, the " fact " is, your regime invaded another sovereign country because of lies, lies and more lies. It doesn't matter how you and others dress it up. The invasion WAS ILLEGAL. We sat watching our TV's when Powell and Tenet sat in the UN building and lied about WMD and they weren't even laughing. George junior said, " this man - saddam - tried to kill my daddy. " That was some pretext for the murders of a million innocents, wasn't it? your government made a monumental mistake, and now they intend to do the same with Iran. But, somehow, I think that it won't be as easy, this time.
Excellent Comment  (Click to Rate)IP Address:                            P. Feenan, from Ireland
I'm sick and tired of those americans with their "Get a life"... hey a have a life already... i'm not dead already. It will be funny if China can build a huge embassy in Washington D.C... just like the US did in Baghdad. Let China invade the US... and the americans will feel what iraqies feel about americans. Making all types of excuses for US colonial conquest in Iraq... is just like a drug addict excuse.
Good Comment  (Click to Rate)IP Address:                            Jimmy from Brazil
I wish the people around the world, especialy the muslim world, would understand, that we as U.S. citizen are opposed to the idea of deception being used to procure a war. Simply put we were lied to by those in our government that choose to exploit 9/11. But Iraq, at the present, is our burden. So we build an embassy, so what? The bigger issue is what is the muslim world going to do to create stability in the middle east, and what is europe going to do when all the new ists we created go marching down the same road they have used for centuries?
Very Bad Comment  (Click to Rate)IP Address:                         Brent from California
salamu alaikum , 2 all my brothers and sisters we should be practicing muslims by praying 5 times a day and helping the poor with charity , we have 2 stop back biting about 1 another and 2 the people who r not muslim u must educate urself about islam ,(if i told u my cat can fly ,u wont believe it intell u c it ) well study the quran and islam and then u have the free will 2 believe what ever u want salamu alaikum (peace be upon u )
Good Comment  (Click to Rate)IP Address:                            jehad abo hassan from canada
I think we dont have to blame american citizens, because US is not a free country since 1913 (fed privatization), occupied country by Izrael. As a most powerful nation jews decided to get the polotics, media, industry to use US resources to achieve their goals. Let the american blood flow for jewish interests. What is their goal? To rule all over the world by the choosen ones. They nuture this plan for thosand years. They worked hard for it, and very close to realize it. Real danger for humankind! It is very important to know who is the enemy.
Excellent Comment  (Click to Rate)IP Address:                            Janos from Hungary
calling the US invasion illegal depends on your definition of the term "serious consequences" in the UN Resolution declaring the Saddam had to cooperate with weapons inspectors (which regardless of the WMD situation he did not do). regardless we are there, the sunnis in anbar have found oil (which will make it possible for them to be more autonomous), and everyone is getting sick of the foreign al qaeda fighters using the american occupation as an excuse to blow up markets. History will judge them much harsher than the commenters on this site.
Very Bad Comment  (Click to Rate)IP Address:                          mike from US
Walrus from the USA, Elivis is spelt Elvis, privat is spelt private, pertendind is spelt pretending healt is spelt health ( from your other site ) just when are you going to start school, or you an American illiterate soldier or CIA man? Are you not ashamed having to come berore millions of people who resd this site and you're illiterate? You're only showing up the US education system.
Excellent Comment  (Click to Rate)IP Address:                            P. Feenan, from Ireland
Feenan- berore is spelled before, and resd is spelled read. Some story about glass houses and stones comes to mind.
Very Bad Comment  (Click to Rate)IP Address:                          mike from US
Walrus, or I mean Mike from the USA, go over your postings for the last three months. You're even worse that Walrus, or yourself. Perhaps you can be honest with me for a change. In scores of postings from you, every one has recorded VERY BAD COMMENT - BAN THIS PERSON. Why are you still here? If people want you banned, think you're writing rubbish, don't know what you're talking about, are from another planet, why do you consistently make a eejit out of yourself? Do you like being laughhed at? As for the spelling, mine are accidents because I've thick fingers, your's and Walrus' are because you've thick brains. That question? The American hidey hole in Baghdad. ( when are you going to answer that? ) , it shouldn't be there, the Iraqi pweople didn't give you Yanks the go - ahead.
Excellent Comment  (Click to Rate)IP Address:                            P. Feenan, from Ireland
The US do, what they think is best for them. They think such a fortress will keep them safe from iraqi revenge, once they pull out most of their troops. They think they will be able to maintain some five or six airbases and the green zone, and this will be enough to control all of Iraq. Unfortunately for them, this is an illusion. In the end, they will loose everything, and all their dreams of cheap iraqi oil will go down the gully.
Excellent Comment  (Click to Rate)IP Address:                          Stephen from Switzerland
It is certainly a great lesson for mankind in general and US in particular. Democracy is a term used by Americans to tell the World that it is a government of the people, by the people and for the people. Now having toiled for almost four years; having lost several soldiers and killing millions and millions of people and having spent billions and trillions of dollars, fairly one must admit the fair fact of defeat and mistake. US is a great country and has contributed a lot to the World in the form of Science and Technology. Let the Country now, contribute something in the form of common sense. Instead of committing the same mistakes, let them spend money on health, education, infrastructure, child-healthcare and eradication of poverty and un-employment. Let them not kill the nature. We will definetely appreciate the good things anybody does for the mankind and definetely not the destrutive attitudes and designs. Let sanity prevail and peace restored on this beautiful Earth.Amen.
Good Comment  (Click to Rate)IP Address:                         Fatah from India
Feeny- you keep callin me thick, your mother telling stories about me again?
Excellent Comment  (Click to Rate)IP Address:                          mike from US
Feeny, I was too busy enjoying the fruits of American freedom won by our soldiers over Memorial Day weekend to look at this site. The fact that you regard the rating of a response from the viewers of this site, as an accurate view of the comment's worth tells us everything we need to know about you. You are a sheep, preaching to the choir on this site, and your ideas would not/do not hold up under any closer inspection or without your exaggeration. Also " just when are you going to start school, or you an American illiterate soldier or CIA man?" is not a typo its just a grammatical error, keep trying though, it makes for amusing reading.
Excellent Comment  (Click to Rate)IP Address:                          mike from US
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