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Mottaki: Iran never let its legitimate rights be trampled upon
Oct 22,2007

Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki here on Monday sent a letter to his French counterpart Bernard Kouchner to declare that the Islamic Republic of Iran is accountable to international system and it never lets its legitimate rights be trampled upon.
According to the Information and Press Bureau of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in his letter, Mottaki underlined that Iran is to show good-will when it sees the same from the other side.
He added that imposing unilateral sanctions against Iran would bear no fruits.
It is about three decades that Iran has faced sanctions mostly by the Americans or even some unofficial sanctions imposed by the Europeans, he said.
`The country`s 29 years of experience indicates that imposing such sanctions only encourages us to attain self-sufficiency and make scientific and technological progress,` he said.
`Threat of sanctions is regarded as a reason for us to achieve self-sufficiency,` he said.
`You should take this fact into consideration that Iran`s great achievements in nuclear field were made due to Washington`s one-sided sanctions along with undeclared sanctions imposed by the European countries,` Mottaki said in the letter.
Pressure being exerted by France to toughen more one-sided sanctions against Iran and persuade the European Union to support the move, is continuation of their failed policies in the past, Mottaki said.
Imposing one-sided sanctions against countries is regarded as an illegal move which runs counter to UN Charter and is indicative of the incompetency of the UNSC, Mottaki said.
Imposing one-sided sanctions is in total contradiction with their claims of pursuing diplomatic solutions, he said, adding `You cannot talk about dialogue while following the path of pressure and threats,` Mottaki said.
Mottaki said that the US and a number of those countries possessing nuclear weapons have not remained committed to non-proliferation of nuclear weapons while they introduce themselves as grantors of such treaties in order to divert world public opinion from their nuclear depots.
In the meantime, the Zionist regime is now developing its nuclear facilities without any concern, he underlined.
The foreign minister said those who try to persuade the UNSC to impose more unjust sanctions on Iran, prevent the same from being applied to the Zionist regime.
`Fortunately, as the history shows, these few countries cannot affect wills of nations particularly those in the Middle East region,` he said.
Iran has adopted very crystal clear stance in safeguarding its legitimate rights, he underlined.
Mottaki said, `We believe that confidence-building should be reciprocal but we have not seen the other side do the same at least to the same extent that we have done,` he said.
`Imposing more economic sanctions or other threats will not discourage our nation to quit their path,` he said.
He said, `Once again I would like to express my regret over adoption of a double-standard policy by some western countries in dealing with Iran and it is regrettable that these countries are resorting to any means to impose their one-sided views.
` `Let`s believe that in the third millennium, the era of unilateralism is over,` Mottaki underlined.
Mottaki also wished success and prosperity for the French nation.

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