US only isolating itself, Jalili says

US only isolating itself, Jalili says

Tehran, Oct 26, IRNA
Secretary of Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Saeed Jalili said on Friday that the US is only isolating itself in the international community.

He made the statement in reaction to new US sanctions on Iran.

He told reporters at Mehrabad Airport upon return home from Europe that US sanctions are nothing new.

"Since we have lived under US sanctions during the past 28 years, this move was merely a new step in line with their former moves." The SNSC Secretary said, "The United States has been acting antagonistically against Iran during the past 28 years, and this is a new move from them."
"The Islamic Republic of Iran's basic policy of negotiations aimed at seeking new ways for cooperation and resolving the outstanding issues with the UN nuclear agency and removal of misunderstanding about national nuclear program remains totally unchanged." 2329/1416

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